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. >> there were a few raider fans in there, too, i think, maybe ale. >>> things get personal for a local tv news anchor from wisconsin. after receiving an email complaining about her being obese as a poor example, the anchor responded. >> if you were r at home and you are talking about the fat news lady, guess what, your children are probably going to go to school and call someone fat. >> this clip of jennifer livingston's response has now gone viral. livingston was on "cbs this morning" and she says she has battled with her weight since having three girls. she says the email calling on her to lose weight was her fault. >> that email was well written. it was articulate. but make no mistake about it, it was meant to hurt my feelings. it was meant to shame me into losing weight. and in my opinion, that's a bully. >> livingston says she is very surprised by the reaction her on air editorial sparkeds across the country. as for the man who wrote the email, he stands by his comments. >> he sent another email and said, listen, i'll help you lose the weight. whatever you need. >> he is getting e-mails,
's path from north carolina up to long island, as far away as nential. >> state and local lead -- as new england. >> state and local leaders have isvacusued eion orders while the storm is still miles out at sea. susan mcginnis is live at rehobeth beach this afternoon in delaware. susan? >> the clock is ticking down. the arrival of the monster storm. the only people you can find outside on the delaware shore right now are emergency folks and some media. the big worry for the arrival of this storm, among the biggest worries, is flooding, but because of the storm surge, a lot of that flooding is already happening. pieces of the atlantic city board walk ended up in the street. as hurricane sandy moves closer. roads are flooded and it is only expected to get worse. hundreds of thousands of people along the east coast have evacuated. but others refuse to leave. >> this is part of me. i've got to stay here. >> reporter: the national hurricane center says the massive storm has turned to the left and is expected to make land fall near delaware bay and new jersey. >> the most important message tha
clothes and shields. the city sent out a note to local businesses asking them to stay open and they reassured them that they are prepared to offer them community support. "occupiers" say they will be back at frank ogawa plaza at 3 p.m. and after that they will have a community forum followed by a march tonight at 7:00 and whether or not it is peaceful has yet to be seen. live in oakland, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> we're hoping it doesn't get out of hand. thanks, cate. >>> a car crashed into a garage in san francisco today causing a lot of damage but fortunately no injuries and you can see what a mess it was both to the car and the building there. this happened on the 3000 block of market street around 8:30 this morning. roads shut down in that area while the crews worked on that scene. >>> other bay area news right now investigators returned to the site of that fatal plane crash today that killed two people in eastern contra costa county over the weekend. they are working now to identify the victims and determine the cause of the crash. so far, the early investigation indicat
. these are beautiful and healthy. and broccoli. you can find broccoli on local specials this time of year for roughly $12.29 a bunch. that is a great deal. when you -- $1.29 a bunch. when you bring them home, take them out of the bag. they will last longer. and look at these, they are loaded with flavor. the tomatoes look like apples they are so good. best buys. eat fresh, save punched i am tony tantillo. chop! >> thank you, tony! >>> well, skateboarders may want to keep an eye out for deer here, right? >> yes. check this out. this is a group of long boarders raying down a hill. a -- racing down a hill. well, a deer tries to run through. there it goes. it ends up colliding into the competitor. the good news is the skateboarder and deer are both okay, but wow, that was a little scary there! >> they were going 40 miles per hour. >> oh, my goodness. thank goodness everyone is okay. >> enjoy the heat! vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dolla
hosts a chili cookoff at a local firehouse with the proceeds benefitting a local youth program. the mayor will be doing a little chili cooking quick in san francisco. >> i don't know. i think the giants can do it. >> i hope so. they didn't look too good this weekend. but hang in there. captions by: caption colorado ,,
picked. >> reporter: at 6 p.m. a cash mob is going to take over one local business. it's kind of like a flash mob but instead of dancing, they're wielding money ready to spend. >> not about shoppping. this is a public declaration of your love of independent small business. >> reporter: the pleasanton downtown association has organized three cash mobs so far. the first one brought 20 people to towne centre books. >> we had a really good time. we put some refreshments out. and we gave a little incentive for their next purchase because we want all these people to come back. >> reporter: it's a social event for those who mob. it's a small windfall for the businesses who receive them. each mob member spends at least 20 bucks at the store. >> we have to keep these retailers up and running to keep our charm and to keep the flavor of downtown what it is. >> it's hard to compete for local businesses with all the big box retailers out there. >> reporter: the lucky business is randomly drawn. people joining the mob don't know where they're headed. today debbie lopes hopes it will be her shop sav
the highest local average at 4.60 the second highest in the state, oakland at 4.51 and san jose at 4.50. >>> i-80 corridor in the east bay can be a traffic nightmare. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is live with the new project that uses cutting edge technology now and is supposed to hopefully ease that traffic problem. anne. >> reporter: yeah, you can see traffic moving slowly right now on i-80 and a lot of it due to here is volume. this new system uses tools we have seen before traffic sensors an metering lights but they will be used in an integrated system being called the first of its kind in the bay area. >> it's one of the most congested corridors in the bay area. >> reporter: through the corridor mobility project, construction begins today on a system of traffic sensors, cameras, electronic signage and detours on side streets to help ease gridlock on 20 miles of i- 80 between the bay and carquinez bridges. >> the entire system will be interconnected so that information will flow to the drivers upstream if there's incident and ask them to slow down so we can make sure that the flow continues
in a lot of business for the local businesses in the area. dress warmly because the weather will be unpredictable. first pitch is at 5:07. >> be loud, too. >> reporter: of course. >> thank you. >>> construction on the san mateo bridge finished way ahead of schedule. it opened an hour earlier than anticipated at 4:00 this morning. the bridge had been closed down since friday night so crews could make much-needed seismic upgrades and repairs. and more good news for drivers. crews were so efficient they won't need to close the bridge next weekend as planned. >>> a driver is lucky to be alive after a freight train hit his truck slicing it in half. the accident happened around 3:00 this morning in fremont on auto mall parkway. it appears the truck driver got stuck while crossing the railroad tracks. and that's when a union pacific cargo train hit it. the driver got out before the crash. >>> in other headlines, jury deliberations start today in the giselle esteban murder trial. the union city mother is charged with killing nursing student michelle le, who disappeared last may from
the east coast still some local ones are available. you can find these tomatoes at markets right now for around the average price of about 99 cents a pound. so there you go. make sure you buy quality, save on the price, and you save all the way around. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. with this week's best buy, ciao. >>> a new strategy to lose weight. what you should do before going on a diet to set you up for success today at 5:00. >>> join us tomorrow as we welcome home our world champions the san francisco giants. >> our coverage starts live at 11:00 here on cbs 5 and on and that will do it for us. can't wait until tomorrow. >> not going to be too chilly? >> just bring a light jacket, no rain. >> have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue -
price. blue lake beans. these beans coming in the market are still locally grown coming in from everywhere and look at the color, the deep green color. and that's what you have to look for. the average price on your ads roughly around 79 cents a pound. that's also a great va they are so great this time of year. cara cara oranges. they are from florida. they have a little bit of a pink tinge to them. they are a navel orange. loaded with flavor with that little bit of a bitterness at the end gives it a great flavor all the way around. 50 cents each. that's also a great value. so check your local ads, save some money, eat fresh and stay healthy. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. >>> we thank you, tony. a boston man is about to make a little daytime tv history. take a look. he just won the first male model search for the price is right. rob wilson was one of the hundreds of contestants who showed up for the open call in l.a. in august. his audition video won the most votes in an online contest. cited about it. his first day on the job october 15th. so there you go. >> a lot of n
're looking for a wine weekend getaway, how local. >> if you have a consumer problem call our hotline. volunteers are there right now. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, >>> it's getting colder at night so the tomatoes are starting to go away. it is the beginning of august. it is fall. a lot of backyard tomatoes are starting to dis. a there are still some great ones but you have to store them right. make sure they're red. very important. all the way around. free from any greening. a little bit of yellow is okay but not green. something like this? that welcome back too green. that's not going to ripen up, i'm telling you. when you bring them home, like all tomatoes, you have to store the tomatoes on the counter. never store them in the refrigerator. tomatoes like this are great for slicing but not great for the tomato sauce because the sugar really isn't there. but the backyard tomatoes, in a few weeks, bye-bye, they're going to be gone. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. >> thank you, tony. >>> travel day for the giants as they head to st. louis for games three, four, and five. while they locke
reporter anne makovec now on how some local businesses are cashing in. >> reporter: speaking of tickets, there are some still available if you are willing to pay. stubhub has standing room only for $300 up to thousands of dollars for box seats. but however you're going to watch the game on television, in person here at the field, it's going to be all eyes at at&t park at 5:07 tonight. this family wants to be the first family in line to see three innings free. fans are cycled out in the third and sixth innings. >> i want to see the first three innings, second watch us hopefully beat the tigers. >> reporter: this morning field crews were pulling back the tarp from the infield getting it ready for the world series spotlight. >> it's a chance of a lifetime. >> reporter: fans in the dugout store were waiting for new world series gear hot off the delivery truck. >> my boyfriend. >> are you going to any of the games? >> not being a broke college student. just watching. >> reporter: businesses are cashing in on giants fever. the chancellor is running a promotion, two grand two tickets and a ro
jay moriarity. he goes to local surfing legend played by gerard butler to reach his goal. it opens today. >>> we are all in for a free costume. >> i'm excited. >> here's the deal. in the 8th inning last night angel pagan stole second base activating a taco bell promotion that will award a free doritos locos taco to anyone who claims the prize next tuesday to 6:00. watch saturday's game because the taco bell steal a base steal a taco promotion lasts throughout the series. >> they got you. you can't just have one. you have to have a six-pack. >> that's it. have a great weekend. captions by: caption colorado >> katie: (sniffles) (katie's heart beating) >> katie: (sighs) >> tr:
it around the house? blackberrys. some of it locally grown still coming in. when you buy them the bigger the better and they have to be dark. if they are a little light, forget it. they are going to be terrible. they are going to be all bitter. that's what you want to look for nice and dark. >> all right. pomegranites. i told you it's one of my favorite fruits. >> one of your favorite fruits and also probably the messiest you could ever get for kids. >> i have t-shirts for pomegranate eating. >> here's a tip. cut it in quarters, take the pomegranate and open it up inside the water and with the colander scoop out the seeds. >> great. >> too much work. >> see you monday. captions by: caption colorado [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin... [ joycelin ] it was a typical morning. i was getting ready for work, and then i got this horrible headache, and then i blacked out. [ female announcer ] ...who thought she had reached the end of her story. [ joycelin ] the doctor told me i had two brain aneurysms and that one of them had ruptured. [ female annou
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14